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Lau Fat Mang's tomb

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2010 all over world eagle Claw school representatives go to Hong Kong for late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang pass away 46 years Festival

Lau Fat Mang's tomb


Lau Fat Mang In 1933. Lau Fat Mang received an invitation to be chief instructor for the Guang Dung Army. He accepted the invitation not long after, Lau Fat Mang quit teaching for the military and returned to Hong Kong. He opened the Lau Fat Mang Eagle Claw School. Soon after Lau Fat Mang opened his school, the Japanese invaded China. Although Lau Fat Mang had many students, and he being a faithful citizen, he decided to close his school and fight for his country. He fought at the front line and was the creator of the 19th Regiment Army "Dai Do (Big Sword)" 十九路軍大刀隊. Lau Fat Mang continued to fight on the front line until Japan surrendered. After the war, Lau Fat Mang moved to Guangzhou.

Grandmaster Lily Lau's 66 year Birthday
cerebration in Rio, Brazil


Demonstration Videos

Name: Sergio Ricardo da Rocha Queiroz
State: Porto Alegre, RS Brazil

Name:Francisco Erivando Moreira Nobre
State: Sao Paulo, SP Brazil

Name: Clodoaldo da Silva Castro
State: Minas Gerais, Brazil

Name: Alexandre Gomes Neto
State: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Eagle Claw Demonstration at Lau Fat Mang celebration.
1. Aggeliki Salomidou , 2. Christos Papachristos, 3. George Divanis
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