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Eagle Claw Intermediate Combinations 鷹  爪  中  級  手  法

  1. Due Sao -  刁 手
    Series of two single-handed grabs followed by three straight punch.
  2. Ngoih Kum Sao -  外 擒 手
    Outside double-handed seize followed by three straight punch.
  3. Noih Kum Sao -  內 擒 手
    Inside double-handed yin yang seize follow with heel kick & grabbing throat.
  4. Kao Jao -  扣  肘
    Grab and elbow lock follow with a back fist.
  5. Kau Jao -  靠  肘
    Grab and strike with elbow followed by grab and push.
  6. Fong Jao -  榥  袖
    Downward punch followed by three series block & downward back fist.
  7. Sut Kune -  摔  拳
    Downward back fist, brake opponents grab, with double-handed seize and follow with a rotating fist to the face.
  8. Lo Wuan -  擄  腕
    Straight punch with knuckles horizontal followed by knife hand strike.
  9. Nat Da -  壓  打
    Downward block followed by one ping kune & one straight upper cut punch.
  10. Gig Bo Jeung -  激 步 掌
         Knife hand strike to opponent's middle section attack, follow with three series of knife hand strike to opponent's throat.




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