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Grandmaster Lily Lau

Grandmaster Lily Lau is the eldest daughter of the 7th Generation Eagle Claw Late Grandmaster Lau Fat Mang. On March 17,1964, Master Lau, passed away at the age of 62. Lily, at the age of nineteen, rose to her father's position and became the 8th Generation Eagle Claw Kung Fu Grandmaster. Not by choice, however, but due to the circumstances and cultural expectations. Since Kung Fu has been regarded as an integral part of the Chinese culture, Grandmaster Lau, determined to continue her father's dream, through hard work and persistence, she has continued teaching throughout the years, spreading Eagle Claw Kung Fu. She is the first and only woman to take over a Kung Fu System and teach openly as a Kung Fu Master. (Read English Biography) (Read Chinese Biography)

Eagle Claw History

Shaolin "Fan Tsi Eagle Claw" is a set of traditional Chinese kung fu fighting techniques. This type of Northern Kung Fu was developed and widely used in China. The traditional style of kung fu was used by the famous military General, Ngok Fei, to train his soldiers. This set of fighting techniques is mostly composed of the following: "Jau" (grab), "Da" (strike) , "Kum" (catch), "Na" (hold), "Fan Gun" (separate the tendons), "Cho Gwat" (dislocating the joints), "Dim Yuet" (strike precisely the pressure points), "Baai Hei" (stop the breathing) , "Sim Gin" (fast changing stances), and "Tun Noh" (Jump and take away). Traditional Eagle Claw is based on three (3) fundamental forms: Hahng Kuen Sahp Lo (walking fist 10 sections), Lin Kuen Ng Sahp Lo (combination fist 50 sections), and 108 Chin Na (joint locking techniques). All the techniques are very practical. (read more)

What is Chin Na?

Inside KungFuInterest in the 108 Chin Na Techniques Form has grown dramatically in Western Martial Arts. Shaolin Eagle Claw Chin Na is a series of self - defense movements consisting of joint locks and pressure point attacks. Chin means to catch, Na means to hold and control. The 108 Chin Na Techniques form is one of the most unique training methods of Shaolin Eagle Claw. Much of the appeal of Chin Na lies in using your adversary's strength against them. Intelligence wins over brute strength. Consequently, a good Chin Na demonstration is fascinating. With a seemingly effortless grab and twist, a smaller defender can bring the largest opponent to their knees. (read more)


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