Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu Federation, International

Lily Lau in China - 2000

2000.Grandmaster Lily Lau had a big and important metting with her hometown Eagle Claw family in Beijing where they choose her to be the Eagle Claw System Grandmaster.

From left: Gin Kuo Sin,the President of Wushu cultural Research Institute, Kalman Wong, disciple of Grandmaster Lau, Zhin Zchi Shin, the Mayor of Hebei Hong Yu, Lau Chi Main, the elder brother of Lily Lau, Lily Lau, Zhang Sin Yi, president and coach of the wushu association in her hometown and her class nephew - Lau Fat Mang's student's student, Zhang Chun Bang, the leader of her hometown, Lau Yar Ping Lau Fat Mang's grandson, Liu Shu Lei the chief instrutor of The Five Tiger Eagle Claw Kung Fu Association in Lau's home town.

Grandmaster Lau and her hometown family at her father's house.

Team at Beijing wushu tournament.

2000. Grandmaster Lau brings students to china to join in the Qing Dao tournament.

Grandamster Lau with the famous Hung Gar master Chan Hong Chung

Lily Lau's hometown village turms out to greet her.
Near Beijing, China. August 2000.

Lily Lau with tour group and kids from her hometown village.

Lily Lau with current 8th generation Eagle Claw master of her village.

Lily Lau with her oldest brother, Lau Chi Mang, and her oldest sister, Lau Chi Fun. They are standing in front of Lau Fat Mang's home, which has been remodeled.

Lily Lau with current 8th generation Eagle Claw master of her village. To her left is her oldest brother, Lau Chi Mang.
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