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Eagle Claw Basic Techniques

Eagle Claw Basic Punches

  1. Ping Kune: Straight punch with knuckles horizontal
  2. Yat Ji Kune: Straight punch with knuckles vertical
  3. Bun Kune: Slapping back fist
  4. Sut Kune: Rotating back fist
  5. Pek Kune: Hammer Fist
  6. Wan Kune: Horizontal hammer fist
  7. Chop Kune: Diagonal side punch
  8. Tong Tin Pau Kune: Upper cut punch
  9. Fan Kune: Upward punch striking with the knuckles
  10. Jun Kune: Circling punch

Eagle Claw Basic Kicks

  1. Chyun Teui: This is a low toe kick to the shin or calf
  2. Leuih Yum Teui: This is a toe kick to the solar plexus
  3. Jing Duhng Teui: Heel kick to the stomach or chest
  4. Leuih Teui: Stretch kick with leg straight and toes pointing to the nose
  5. Ngoih By Lin Teui: Outside crescent kick
  6. Noih By Lin Teui: Inside crescent kick
  7. Hahng Bouh Daan Fei: Walk forward and snap kick
  8. Taan Huhng Daan Fei: Jumping front kick
  9. Sou Tong Teui: Back sweep
  10. Jing Tek Teui: Stretch kick to the opposite ear
  11. Jak Leuih Teui: Stretch kick from the side
  12. Jak Tek Teui: Hands blocking combined with a roundhouse kick
  13. Syuhn Fung Teui: Jumping tornado kick
  14. Taan Huhng Ngoih By Lin Teui: Jump and turn around outside cresent kick
  15. Taan Huhng Daan Fei, Syuhn Fung Teui: Jumping front kick, tornado kick
  16. Shin Ji Teui: Butterfly kick
  17. Seung Fei Teui: Jumping front kick with both legs


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