Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu Federation, International

Eagle Claw Sticking Hands Technique

  1. Level One

    1. Ngoih Kum Sau Sau Hau
      Block and grab the arm followed with grabbing the throat.
    2. Chi Bo, Sau Hau
      Block and Grab the Arm, step behind the opponent, grab the throat and trip.
    3. Kau Jao
      Block and grab wrist, twist arm into a joint lock. Follow with back fist.
    4. Duk Seih Juen Duong
      Block and lock-up arm into a joint lock. Follow with back fist.
    5. Sau Jao
      Block arm grab opponent's wrist, opponent tries to elbow strike, twist the arm at the same time lock the wrist and push the elbow down.
    6. Tui Jao
      Block arm, bend opponent's arm, joint lock wrist and push elbow toward opponent's head
    7. Cheet Jao
      Block and grab striking arm, use your other arm to pull opponent towards you and follow with an upper strike to the chin
    8. Gep Jao
      Block and grab opponent's arm, turn and strike upward locking the opponent's elbow, turn and strike again.
    9. Poh Jao
      Block opponent, grab wrist, turn and cradle opponent's arm.
    10. Duk Seih Chin Sun
      Block, snake your arm around opponent's arm, push down just below the shoulder, use your weight to pull your opponent down and choke your opponent with your arm

Level Two

  1. Leuih Yum Teui
  2. Jak Duhung Teui
  3. Choi Teui
  4. Hau Chop Bo
  5. Cheen Chi Teui
  6. Toi Jao
  7. Gep Jao Seung Jong
  8. Cheen Chit Teui
  9. To Jao
  10. Sut Sun Fat


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