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Eagle Claw Basic Combinations 鷹 爪 基 本手法

  1. Tiu Da: 挑 打
    Upper block over the head followed by three ping kune punches.
  2. Chit Jeung: 切 掌
    Side chop block followed by chop to opponents neck.
  3. Kwa Da: 挎 打
    90 degree upward block by single ping kune punch.
  4. Ngoih Kum Sou: 外 擒 手
    Outside double-handed seize followed by ping kune punch.
  5. Nat Da : 壓 打
    Downward block followed by one ping kune and one yat ji kune punches.
  6. Syuhn Fung So Yip: 順 風掃 葉
    Open backhand strike, brake opponent's grab, open hand strike, followed by two backhand strikes.
  7. Sut Kune: 摔 拳
    Use rotating fist to opponent's face, brake opponent's grab, with double-handed seize and control opponent's elbow and follow with a rotating fist to the face.
  8. Koy Ma Sam Kune: 蓋 馬 三 拳
    Fore arm block followed by backward fist, downward block, and hammer fist.
  9. Ying Jow Lihk Jaau Fat: 鷹 爪 力 抓 法
    Series of four single-handed grabs followed by straight punch.
  10. Pouh Yuht: 抱 月
    Knife hand strike to opponent's lower section attack, grab and strike to his middle section attack, double-diu seize, grab opponent's arm and neck.




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